On the origins of sin and blessing

Just an observation on how we view sin and blessings in our life as opposed to reality


It is paradoxical that in the fallen world we live in we tend to look inwardly when blessings come and we look outwardly to others when sin comes. Does not sin come from our flesh (inward) and blessings come from God (outward)?

On worship as entertainment and Evangelicoolism – The Arbour

When we want to be entertained, let us not forget what the real message is to begin with.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER – Christian Publishing House Blog

When is the last time you truly devoted a good amount of time in prayer to God? why would you do such a thing?

e God and pray, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me,” (Ps. 139:23, 24), God shoots the penetrating rays of His light into the innermost recesses of my heart, and the sins I never suspected are brought to view.

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Francis Chan on why we need the Holy Spirit

You don’t need the Holy Spirit if you are merely seeking to live a semi-moral life and attend church regularly. You can find people of all sorts in many religions doing that quite nicely without Him. You only need the Holy Spirit’s guidance and help if you truly want to follow the Way of Jesus […]

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More people know Coke than Jesus!

More people know Coke than Jesus!

It is estounding to me, that in spite of having a 1900 year head start, people around the world less aware of the gospel, and are more familiar with coca-cola. They know what a Coke is, but ask “what is a Jesus?” Meanwhile 60,000 in Unreached people groups died today and I did not here a word.. insert Kermit Meme.. people, we have not been as earnest as we ought, or else Coke would never have better name recognition than Jesus.

Roadblocks to Faith

Ever thought about why sinners just keep sinning and reject God? I think this explains at least part of them.

Last night, my wife and I were having an intense discussion about one of “those topics” that need to be talked about, but cause strain because they are complicated with no easy answers. In the middle of conversation, the topic of sin came up, and we both got convicted. Everyone has their vices, and those closest to us know exactly what they are. They do not always know where they came from, and it may be clueless even to us. I believe this was the case for both of us, but I know it was so for me. In fact, one of my biggest vices is the result of events that occurred 18 years ago that were not fully resolved. Thank God for his provision over us.

May we use this to understand people who are in sin and even for ourselves. Remember, when Jesus told the story about the man with the speck in his eye and the other with a plank in his eye, neither man knew something was impeding his view. We have many roadblocks on the road to glory and while we see some, others are like black ice in the winter night. Let us be cautious and let us be receptive to those who give us advice/criticism, especially if they have a proven record of goodwill to us.