Missionaries are people too. This is why you should be praying for them.


The 86%

I had heard this stat a couple of times, but it really got me today. 86% of Muslims and Hindus do not know a Christian believer. You heard me right. In two of the largest religious systems in the world, 86% of people do not know a single believer of Christ. Perhaps I know why. 

I readily admit I do not know a Muslim of Hindu follower myself. How many Christians do not know and have a relationship with Muslims/Hindus? In a world where we are called to share our faith with unbelievers, how is it acceptable that we. Do not interact with truly Unreached people?

I just heard a story about a guy getting his hair cut. His “hair guy” is actually a woman from Iran. He asked her if anyone ever invited her to their house. She has lived here 20 years and no one ever had. When is the last time you asked a Muslim over for dinner? If you never have why? Does scripture affirm our decision to not engage the Unreached?