State of the World

The State of affairs with regard to missions and the church.


via State of the World / The Task Remaining – YouTube

Author: ericlroth

The Lord has blessed me with 31 years of life. Along with the days, He has blessed me with a lovely wife, Jessica, and 3 children Micah, Joshua, and Emma. We reside in Churchville, NY , a suburb of Rochester. We owe all we are and all we have to God and who He is. Particularly, God has placed on my heart the neglect of unreached souls in Christendom. With roughly 66,000 dying every day from unreached peoples (42% of the population), 3,000 of them with no scripture at all, how can we sit back and designate 1 out of every 60,000 Christians and 1 dollar out of every $100,000 of our wealth to unreached people.

2 thoughts on “State of the World”

    1. I believe it is more evangelically focused. It’s hard to get an accurate map of those who have fully embraced the God they may or may not acknowledge. The basic fact remains: there are people in the world who have sell phones and Coca Cola, yet will ask “what is a Jesus?”


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